Onsite Support

I Techie Solutions LLC also makes “Residence Assistance”, where we can dispatch a team to your home or place of work within a matter of hours. Our knowledgeable technicians provide assistance in a broad variety of categories. We present customers with extensive information, and we can help you get your computer or network up and running straight away! There are a few of the services we provide:

$149 Clean-Up And Tune-Up

  • *Spyware/ Adware Clean up and Tune up.
  • *Updates of relevant softwares.
  • *Infection safeguard verification and installation.
  • *Temporary files cleanup and boost up browser/system.
  • *Hard drive defragmentation and allocation of memory.
  • *Startup optimization and space ups.
  • *Infection inspect and penetration.

  • $99/Hour “Standard Hourly Rate” Plan

  • *Specialist computer technical assistance.
  • *Support for computer dilemma.
  • *Support for additional applications and frameworks.
  • *Self-determining Tech-Support for computers of any make and model.
  • *Expedited transmit for onsite support within required time frame.
  • *Support for peripherals and devices.